Leveling with Roller Levelers

The Specialised Book "Leveling with Roller Levelers" by Horst Bräutigam und Sascha Becker
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  • 978-3-8343-3144-1
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Leveling with Roller Levelers | A Specialised Book about Sheet Leveling ISBN:... mehr

Leveling with Roller Levelers | A Specialised Book about Sheet Leveling

ISBN: 978-3-8343-3144-1
Autor: Bräutigam, Horst/Becker, Sascha

112 pages, numerous pictures, 1. edition 2009
29,80 EUR

The topic of sheet leveling is more current than ever. Leveling improves the quality of sheet metal processing. The improved tolerances in the flatness of sheet metal parts and coils are obvious. Less obvious are the favourable distribution of residual stresses in the material, which stabilizes the material for the subsequent processes like folding, bending and roll forming. Despite the widespread use of roller levelers, little is known about the technology behind ths type of machine. This book lights the subject and explains what happens during the leveling process on roller levelers.

  • Principles of materials science
  • Tension and compression
  • Bending
  • Principles of leveling
  • Single bending operation
  • Total bending operation
  • Roller levelers
  • Basic design of the leveling unit
  • Drive system
  • Leveling performance diagram
  • Machine setting values
  • Leveling with roller levelers
  • Flatness defects and their correction
  • Roller levelers for strips
  • Roller levelers for parts
  • Tips and tricks
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